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Aug 29, 2009


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"You can show these people evidence that they are being railroaded by the health insurance industry and their paid-for-lackies in Congress until you're blue in the face and not make a dent in their brain pan"

I guess I am one of those people and I would never disagree with you that the Insurance Industry lackies are in bed with our Congressmen and Senators my Socialist friend but consider this. Once the Insurance Industry is eliminated as a competitor all these fine moral politicians will have sole control of all the money.

These are the same men and women who have the ability and the power to regulate and pass laws that would eliminate the problems of coverage dispite pre-exsisting conditions and dropping people because of excessive medical requirements. They also have the responsibility to weed out the waste and coruption that exists in our present government controlled medicare system. Why after all these years have they not done this. Now reducing waste and fraud is part of this new Health Care Plan.

Your concern for those uninsured is a good one,but you do not address the fact that in every government run health care system that has been tryed the time comes when the government has to determine if it is financally prudent to withhold treatment for those that are chronic, aged and may not have as good a chance for recovery. Therefore the Government controlled Plan becomes even more cruel, and more lacking in morality than the present system.

Sir your analogy to the Titanic in the article was inspiring. Your example of the people getting into the life boats represented those who were fortunate enough to have insurance. Once this presently proposed "Titanic" is launched, that will not be a problem. It doesn't come with life boats........

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